Noon Optimist Travel and Adventure Series "50 States, 50 Days, 50 Challenges"

at The State Theatre

Sponsored by: Bay City Noon Optimists

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Let's join extreme adventurer Michael Wigge for incredible challenges as he attempts - and succeeds - in visiting the United States of America - all 50 States in 50 days (and mostly by van).

On the way, we’ll share the sights and cultures - from top to bottom in the Grand Canyon, learning the trumpet in New Orleans, and exploring the Mormon culture in Utah, through windstorms in North Dakota and the Great Plains to New England, the South, even Alaska and Hawaii! Discovering the magic and majesty of our entire country as seen through the eyes of our German-born visitor will be a once in a lifetime experience to share!

Michael Wigge

Writer, humorist, motivational speaker and award-winning German TV personality Michael Wigge specializes in incredible challenge stories. ‘How to Travel the World for FREE’ and ‘How to Barter for Paradise’ (where he turned an apple into a Hawaiian dream house by bartering for bigger, better things) are just two of his seven travel shows. He has shared his amazing success stories on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and on the Today show. His TV programs and books have been broadcast and published internationally in several countries.

A mixture of journalism and entertainment characterizes Michael’s work and his specialty lies in cultural issues, which he examines in a very entertaining way.

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