Noon Optimist Travel and Adventure Series "Getting the Shot, Without Getting Shot"

at The State Theatre

Sponsored by: Bay City Noon Optimists

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“Getting the Shot - Without Getting Shot”

From sneaking past the Khmer Rouge to outrunning Somali bandits, director / cinematographer Rick Ray shares the stories behind his most compelling footage. Rick also gives tips to aspiring videographers on how to get past angry Indian mobs and talking your way out of Ethiopian jails. Stories and clips from decades of misadventures will mesmerize as you flirt with international danger and intrigue - dished up by acclaimed storyteller Rick Ray.

Rick Ray

Award-winning cinematographer, writer, editor and director Rick Ray has traveled the world to capture images of its peoples and cultures. Rick is founder and president of the web-based stock footage company and is a frequent lecturer at performing arts. A former Lonely Planet Backpacker, Rick has produced numerous films on regions as diverse as Israel, Bali, Borneo, Lebanon, Syria and Iceland with titles that include “Raise the Bamboo Curtain” with Martin Sheen and the highly regarded “The Soul of India,” and the acclaimed documentary title, “10 Questions for the Dalai Lama.” His 2018 presentation, “Promised Land: Adventures in the Middle East” was a huge hit with our Bay City audience.

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