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Wallace & Davis - Bob and Phil respectively - is a famed Broadway act. When Bob and Phil met while in the same platoon under the command of tough on the surface but kindly underneath Major General Thomas F. Waverly in WWII, Bob was already a famous solo act, but Phil, who saved Bob's life, used that to convince Bob to add him, then an unknown, to his act. Bob is all work, knowing that dating showgirls is not the means to a lasting romantic life, while Phil wants Bob to lighten up if only to get Bob out of his constant hair. On their travels just before Christmas, they meet The Haynes Sisters - Betty and Judy - an up and coming club act, and sisters of another of their platoon mates. Betty is the mother hen, while Judy does whatever she needs to for them to gain a little edge in the business. Bob attracted to Betty and Phil attracted to Judy, Bob and Phil decide to follow Betty and Judy to the Columbia Inn in Pinetree, Vermont, a ski resort where the sisters are performing for the holidays, rather than their original plan to head back to New York to rehearse their latest show. Unknown to Bob and Phil, the Columbia Inn is owned by a now retired General Waverly, who sunk his life savings into the Inn. He risks losing it all because in America's winter wonderland, there is currently no snow and thus no paying guests. To help the General for all he did for them while in the army, Bob and Phil decide at great expense to themselves to bring their entire show from New York to the Inn, which they believe will bring in the guests regardless of the lack of snow. Adding Betty and Judy to the show, Bob and Phil start to seriously fall for the two sisters. But a happy ending for Bob and Betty is threatened by a misunderstanding, which is further complicated by meddling Phil and Judy, who just want to see their partner and sister respectively in a happily ever after.

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