at The State Theatre

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I’m Gonna Fight is a music showcase of original songs written by Amanda Jane. Amanda Jane has been performing live for 10+ years. She is originally from Auburn, MI and now resides in Bay City, MI. She sings and plays piano and guitar. Amanda moved to Nashville,TN in 2015 which is where she found her love for songwriting. The songs in this show were written during Amanda’s journey of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying a man who struggles with Substance Use Disorder. What started as her trying to learn more about his struggles and how she could support him has led to a whole new life for herself. A life that now involves healing from the past, overcoming trials and struggles she has and continues to face, and supporting others who are struggling themselves. There is a quote that Amanda found that she tries to incorporate into her new life: “Your purpose is where your deep gladness meets the world’s hunger.” She has found deep gladness in working with local organizations and businesses that support recovery efforts, seeing and creating change within the police departments to better support recovery efforts, and meeting new friends that she never would have met without the life experiences and effects of Substance Use Disorder in her life. This event is a community effort. It takes all of us to come together with open minds to learn and understand. There will be many opportunities to gain new perspectives and to join the front lines of change in our community, change that can influence and motivate individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorder to seek treatment and have success on their recovery journeys. Most importantly this is an event for us to unite as a community. We all bring different stories, skills, and strengths and our community needs each of those things to work together to create change. Each of us has a place and a purpose in this world and it’s time for us to build each other up and reach our full potential as individuals, so that our community also reaches its full potential. This will be a night of bonding, support, and love. We can’t wait to see you there!

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