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Sarah Schingeck is a musician and singer/songwriter based out of Bay CIty, Michigan. Her music is positive, thoughtful, tender, and hopeful. She treasures acoustic, folk, gospel and americana music and through these influences, felt inspired to write her own songs and music.

Sarah has been singing and performing since childhood and through the years has performed with various local bands throughout her musical journey. Upon January of 2018, she stepped out into her own with the release of her EP Be Still. This Ep includes five of her original songs and has steadied her own singer/songwriter path ever since.

Sarah holds a foundational degree in Music Education and built a steady teaching career that spans nearly 20 years. She is currently educating and inspiring children in Young Fives-4th grade as a Music and Mindfulness teacher.

Her most recent project, “The Album of Hope” came after a personal experience of losing a family member to suicide. As Sarah tried to process this deep grief and loss, one of the places she turned to was songwriting and music. It was in her faith, and a transition from heartbreak to hope, that inspired the songwriting for this record. As Sarah aspires to “simply be a hope dealer,” the twelve tracks on this album aim to spread hope far and wide.

The Album of Hope crowd funding campaign (to be announced), live release shows and album sales, will give portions of the funds to The Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network (SRRN). This network has been caring for the community at the local, state and national level for the past 32 years. The SRRN’s mission statement is to prevent suicide through education, connection to resources, and support for those impacted by suicide. SRRN supports the understanding that mental health is just as important as physical health.

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