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Tim Wilson is back on the road! You read that right. The comedy genius behind songs like " The Booty Man" " First Baptist Bar and Grill " and " Chucky Cheese Hell " has been resurrected for his fans to enjoy, live at the Comedy Catch!

TIM WILSON ALIVE AT THE PUNCHLINE is a 2 hour comedy special documentary film compiled of UNSEEN material filmed at various shows throughout Tim's career. Produced and edited by his daughter and son, Sophia and Ari Wilson, the film lets viewers into Tim's more candid routine on stage, on the road and his family life.

Even after his untimely death, Tim Wilson is still a prolific stand up comic with over 6 million streams across platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. Tim Wilson created a comedy legacy that comedians like Ron White, Lewis Black, Billy Gardell, and Roy Davis Jr still reminisce over.

Come join us for a special evening of comedy legend history!

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