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PATRICK YANDALL Growing up in a military family wasn’t easy. In a world that was constantly changing, Yandall quickly learned to let his music do the talking. Playing the trumpet in the 4th grade provided the youngster an easy escape from the loneliness of a nomadic life. But, it was a freak football accident when he was in 6th grade in Bay City, Michigan, that would lead Yandall to focus on the guitar. A three-month hospital stay and a sympathetic musician father who loved jazz would encourage Yandall to pick up a guitar book. It didn’t take long for a life-long obsession to develop. After his family finally settled in Michigan, Yandall fell in love with the progressive styles of Jimi Hendrix, Yes, Steely Dan, and George Benson. R&B/Soul artists EWF, Stevie Wonder, and Rufus, were also a definite influence. Attending a concert of Jeff Lorber with Kenny G on sax as a young musician, was a life-changing moment and steered his vision towards instrumental music. During his teen years, Yandall would use the nightclubs all over Michigan as a training ground. He began playing in adult clubs at the tender age of thirteen, Yandall would learn to unite the heart of jazz with the flavors of rock and R&B. A summer music program in Boston and at Central Michigan University would help the guitarist to focus his talents on a more jazz-fusion approach. Yandall moved to San Diego in the early 1980’s. Playing in a few cover bands in the SoCal area garnered the musician some important contacts which lead to studio work in Los Angeles for Capitol Records, and San Diego. This would find him a trusted place performing occasionally with the likes of J. Michael Verta, Michael Paulo, Scott Wilkie, Carl Evans, Jr. (Fattburger), Hollies Gentry III, Greg Vail (Kilauea), Tommy Emmanuel, Tom Braxton, and many more. Working with artists like Randy Brecker, Will Lee, Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyra), who played on his “From the Ashes’ CD. But concentrating on his own music has always been the priority! A favored producer and featured artist, Yandall has produced and/or recorded for NBC, KUSI 51, Muzak, The Weather Channel and various San Diego media outlets. His music has appeared in feature films like “Fruitvale Station”, “War, Inc.” and TV shows such as “Speechless” “New Girl” “Girls” “Shameless” “Raising Hope” “Impulse” and more! He’s appeared nationally in scores of major jazz festivals and contemporary jazz venues. And PBS aired a special on Patrick and his music that was aired in the Midwest. His commercially released projects have charted on Billboard, and the last two have been in Grammy consideration in the “Contemporary Instrumental” category. His focus has always been to create more music and improve as a guitarist, composer, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. His music is everywhere and that has always been the goal of this serious and prolific musician!

Ron Otis Longtime drummer for Earl Klugh, he is one of the most established sidemen in contemporary American jazz. The Detroit based drummer is renowned for his versatility, improvisation and impeccable timing, incorporatingsyncopated rhythms and funky accenting. Having toured with Earl Klugh and pianist Bob James for over a decade, Otis usually plays alongside bassist Al Turner.

“Bob and Earl are living legends who I grew up listening to, so having them welcome a no-name guy like me into their world was humbling,” Otis said. “A lot of cats think being a sideman is a horrible thing, but I feel you can’t lead unless you know how to be a true team player. I always had songs in my head and wanted to write, and this year the opportunity finally presented itself.”

Ron Otis’ supporting band consists of Klugh, James and Turner as well as local talent from Detroit, including brother Theo Otis, bassist Darrell “Peanut” Smith, guitarist Tim Bowman, keyboardist Brian O’Neal, pianist Charles Scales, trumpeter Rayse Biggs and saxophonists Randy Scott, Dave McMurray and Darryl Wakefield. Reaching for the drums at age 5, Otis played many different venues in his formative years including orchestras, jazz and marching bands as well as playing for his church at 10 years of age. Playing in local clubs at age 16, he began a professional career which launched his musical journey to working with celebrated artists including Jonathan Butler, Tim Bowman, Nelson Rangell and Cheryl Lynn.

Having collaborated on recordings with prominent artists Aretha Franklin, Nancy Wilson, Earl Klugh, SWV, Bob James, Kem and recorded and live performances with Joann Shaw Taylor, Otis has performed several times at the White House and a myriad of venues across the country and theaters and clubs around the world. Drummer Ron Otis is one of those sidemen, who unpretentiously stay in the background. He performed and recorded with Bob James (Urban Flamingo), Lin Roundtree (Sumthin’ Good), Earl Klugh ( Spice of Life, Journey), Al Turner (Movin’), Brian O’Neal (Daisy), Justin Young (On The Way), Dave McMurray (My Brother and Me, Soul Searching, Nu Life Stories), Alexander Zonjic (Reach For The Sky) and a lot more.

Many of those musicians, who shared his musical path, gave back to him their thankfulness with their tributes. Among those artists are Tim Bowman, Darryl Wakefield, Perry Hughes, Charles Scales, Bob James, Randy Scott, Earl Klugh, Dave McMurray, Rayse Biggs, Brian O'Neal and many more.

Gerard William Gibbs, born November 16,1967, has been a lover of jazz ever since his father introduced him at the tender age of three to the music of the late jazz organist, Richard "Groove" Holmes. At age of seven, when he later had the opportunity to meet Holmes, Gerard grew to idolize Holmes. He knew then that one day, he would play jazz just like his idol. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, is a product of the Detroit Public Schools. He began his musical training in classical piano at the age of nine. Although he took to this musical style fairly quickly, his interest in performing jazz never waned. In the summer of 1981, while recovering at home from corrective leg surgery, Gerard received a surprise visit from "Groove" Holmes. Holmes took an immediate interest in Gerard and began to show him all the "tricks of the trade." Until Holmes’ death in 1991, Gerard had the kind of friendship and mentoring relationship with this international jazz organist that only others can dream about.

Dave McMurray is an American jazz musician. His primary instrument is saxophone, although he also plays flute, keyboard, and a variety of percussion instruments. His versatile, expressive playing style has allowed him to expand beyond the jazz genre, through sessions with Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, B.B. King, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Hallyday, Gladys Knight, Albert King, Nancy Wilson, KEM, Bootsy Collins, Herbie Hancock, among many others.

Nathan Brown is bass guitarist. Originally from Detroit, MI., now based in Southern California. He currently tours and performs with blues rock artist Coco Montoya, is a long time member of the Scott Wilkie Band and serves as a bass player for The Rock Church in San Diego. He has performed and/or recorded with Alexander Zonjic, The Boneshakers, Patrick Yandall, Brian Simpson, Kamau Kenyatta, Darryl Williams, Debora Galan, Burt Brion, Under The Lake and many others.

MICHAEL BRUSH Few individuals in Saginaw's cultural and educational history have achieved the level of professional excellence, respect, and love - both professionally and within the hearts of everybody touched by his music - as Michael C. Brush. A product of Saginaw Public Schools, Michael could have taken his musical skills as a keyboardist, singer, composer and arranger to larger cities and carved out a lucrative career as a performer. Instead, he chose to return to his hometown and inspire students for 30 years as an innovative music instructor, first as a traveling elementary teacher, then as the music instructor at Hanley's Program for the Creative & Academically Talented, and finally, from 1999 until his retirement in 2010, as the Director of the award-winning Voice/Keyboard Department at the Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy. One of the many gifts that Mike possesses is an ability to inspire creativity. Consequently, from elementary choirs to his SASA choirs, Mike would adopt an innovative approach of having his students often perform his original music. He originated the highly acclaimed Saginaw Kids Choir in the 1990s, which performed & recorded exceptional material featured in the album 'Songs For Us' - a collection of socially conscious songs that was released in 1994, also performed collaboratively with the Los Angeles Choir formed within the L.A. Public Schools that went on to earn Michael special acknowledgment from the City of Los Angeles, which he was awarded at 'The Review Music Awards' Ceremony that same year.

Robert Lee Revue

Legendary award-winning guitarist/songwriter Robert Lee Balderrama (aka Bobby Balderrama) and renowned keyboardist Frank Rodriguez of Robert Lee Revue have delivered yet again - another original and imaginative work...a passionate and highly-flavored smooth jazz single entitled, "JazDude". "JazDude" has its very own unique vibe, while setting that eternal 'smooth' mood and groove. Showcasing their artistry and musicianship is the true essence of Robert Lee Revue; inspired by those great pioneering artists who have gone before. "JazDude" features a precise blend of fluid guitar riffs and complementary elements of keyboard and saxophone that leaves listeners wanting more. "JazDude" is supported by a music video featuring animation by Skyphos Studios Animation. Previous smooth jazz single, "Happy&GoLucky" (released March 18, 2014) peaked at #27 on Mediabase Smooth Jazz Chart and "Estrella" (released October 27, 2014) peaked at #82 on Mediabase Smooth Jazz Chart. Balderrama has assembled a group of formidable musicians; including, renowned keyboardist Frank Rodriguez, Tom Barsheff/Saxophone, wife Amy Balderrama/Percussion, son Nick Balderrama/Rhythm Guitar, Jack Nash/Bass, and, Rudolph Levario/Drums. Balderrama and Rodriguez are also founding members of Question Mark and the Mysterians, whose song "96 Tears" topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for week ending October 29th, 1966, and continues to be played a myriad of times on Classic Rock radio, as well as other crossover formats. Their historical significance is quite clear; having been credited with creating and originating the musical genre 'garage rock/punk' in the early 1960's. As Steve Huey of All Music Guide stated, "It only took one song, the organ-driven number one smash "96 Tears," to make ? & the Mysterians into garage rock legends…the Mysterians sound helped lay down an important part of the garage rock blueprint…they were one of the first Latino rock groups to have a major hit…one of the prime suspects in the evolution of garage rock into early punk.

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