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This 90 minute show with multi-media is the story of Don's career as told by his daughter Karen who also narrates as Don's favorite aunt Emma and even Aunt Bea. Karen shares fond memories of her special father-daughter bond plus stories about visiting the set of Mayberry and the cast members who were "not" like their TV characters. Great "inside" stories for all the "Mayberry fans!

This tribute is a must see for all of "us kids" from the 50's, 60's & 70's who 1st starting laughing at Don Knotts when he debuted as the "nervous" guy on Steve Allen's 'Tonight Show." {see link below} Or maybe it was Don as Cpl. John C. Brown in the movie "No Time for Sergeants" starring Andy Griffith?

It was the chemistry between Don and Andy that lead to Don's 5 Emmy Awards for "Best Supporting Actor" as "Barney Fife" on The Andy Griffith Show. Don appeared in over 22 family films plus for 10 years he also played the landlord Ralph Furley on "Three's Company."

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