FREE MOVIE SUNDAY (E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - 1982 )

at The State Theatre

To benefit: Safe Harbor Kitchen

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Left behind by his group of secret visitors, a harmless extraterrestrial entity gets stranded on Earth, surrounded by an intimidatingly strange and unknown environment. Alone and fearful, the marooned being is fortunate to be discovered by the lonely ten-year-old boy, Elliott, who, after the initial shock, decides to take him in, and gives him a name--E.T. Little by little, a bond will form--and as our hospitable blue planet becomes a prison brimming with dangers and government agents--Elliott and his team of rescuers must work fast to find a way to reunite the extraordinary intergalactic guest with his otherworldly family. Even if this means Elliott will lose an unexpected but dear friend.

1982 (215 Minutes)

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