at Wenonah Park

Sponsored by: The State Theatre
Wed Jun 15, 7:00p Free Will Donations Accepted and Appreciated $FREE

Leave Those Kids Alone features FIVE talented kids playing classic rock hit songs written decades before they were even born! You won’t believe your eyes or your ears! These multi-instrumentalists and vocalists play note for note renditions of your favourite classic rock songs, LIVE! The teens (and pre-teen!) are a sought after act at family-friendly festivals, public events, corporate engagements, and even weddings! As the house band of the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires, the band is no stranger to performing live in front of 5,000+ people! Leave Those Kids Alone has performed more than 200 shows and their videos have earned millions of views from around the world. Kids in age only, the group has performed professionally for almost three years. In 2018, 8-year-old Addisyn (now 11) on drums was joined by her brother Alex (14) on guitar and his long-time bandmate Timothy (18) on lead vocals. In 2021, 15-year-old bassist Luca and 14-year-old keyboardist Louis joined the band to complete the all-kid lineup. HEY! TEACHER!!! Leave Those Kids Alone!

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