Rent The Theatre

The State Theatre welcomes your interest in renting our facility. To make an appointment for personal use, call (989) 892-2660 Monday-Friday, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm.

Whether your selling tickets or want to schedule a private event, the State Theatre is impressively affordable.

Our 560 seat theatre is perfect for:

  • Bands/Musicals
  • Lectures
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Movies
  • Magicians
  • Religious Events
  • Gospel Revivals
  • Pre-Tour Rehearsals
  • Special Events
  • Business Meetings
  • Private Screenings
  • Independent Filmmakers

Reservations may be made a maximum of twelve (12) months prior to the desired date. Approved applications for the use of the State Theatre shall be revocable at the discretion of the State Theatre or its Board and shall not be considered a lease.

Reservations will be accepted in person, by written application only, and must be approved by the State Theatre before being booked. NO PHONE RESERVATIONS.

The Fine Print

Rental Procedures

To reserve a date, applicant must appear in person with current valid I.D and complete a rental application. Applicant name and I.D must concur.Any party causing damage or leaving without cleaning up will incur additional charges


Special events and corporate hosted functions may be required to carry insurance naming The State Theatre as an additional insured party. A certification of insurance to cover the following is to be on file at the State Theatre - (1) liability $500,000 each accident, $ 1,000,000 maximum, (2) care, custody and control of the premises. Questions regarding specific policy limits and requirements can be referred to the State Theatre Executive Director or Director of Operations.

User shall indemnify and save harmless for any and all claims and costs that may arise or be made for injury, death, loss, or damage resulting to lessor's employees or property or to any other person or persons, or to their property, by reason or in consequence of the Lessee's occupancy or use of the premises.

The State Theatre Board of Directors, administration and/or employees shall be held harmless from all claims of any nature, by any person, firm or corporation for damages either to person or property including but not limited to personal injury, copyright, ASCAP or BMI violations.

Final payment, including any room setup requirements must be received at least two (2) weeks before the event.

Make checks payable to: The State Theatre, We do accept Major Credit Cards.

Additional hours beyond those agreed to, will be billed in one hour increments provided the additional time is available. Each additional hour incurred, and not paid for will be held from the damage deposit. Renters leaving early will not receive rental fees back.

Maximum Capacity

Seating 360 Main Floor, 200 in Balcony. Set up questions? We have preset layouts to choose from for your convenience.

Before You Leave

To insure the return of your damage deposit, make sure you have the staff person on duty check the facility before you leave. He/she will point our any problem areas at that time. Any cleaning and/or repairs that require State Theatre Staff will be deducted from your deposit. Any time used exceeding the time reserved will be deducted from the damage deposit.


There is a $200.00 non-refundable cancellation fee for reservations canceled prior to 90 days before the reservation date. Cancellations not made prior to 90 days before the reserved date will result in the loss of the $400.00 damage deposit.


A banquet permit is required under certain conditions (i.e., tickets or products are sold, admission is charged). SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE STATE THEATRE.

Flammable Materials

The use of flammable materials is regulated by the Bay City Fire Department. In compliance with City Fire Code and the Bay City Fire Marshall, THE USE OF CANDLES, PROPANE COOKING APPLIANCES, OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF OPEN FLAMES IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN unless approved by the State Theatre and Fire Marshall prior to the rental.

Fire Exits

CORRIDORS, AISLES AND EXITS MUST BE CLEAR OF ALL OBSTRUCTIONS AT ALL TIMES Absolutely no equipment shall be placed in any aisle. Placement of all equipment shall be subject to the approval of the State Theatre Executive Director or Director of Operations


User shall not injure, mar or in anyway deface said premises and shall not cause or permit anything to be done whereby said premises shall be in any manner injured, marred or defaced and will not drive or permit to be driven, nails, hooks, tacks, or screws into any part thereof, and will not make or allow to be made any alterations of any kind therein. No decorations shall be taped, pinned, or otherwise attached to any stage drapery. Only freestanding decorations are permitted. Use of such will result in forfeiture of the damage deposit funds.

The placement of any tape or other "spike" marks shall be kept to a minimum. A "removable" type tape shall be the only acceptable tape. Absolutely NO duct tape shall be placed or otherwise applied to the floor. Colored electrical tape is the preferred method of spiking. The placement of any tape or other "spike" marks shall be removed immediately upon the close of the event. Failure to do so will result in additional billed charges.

User agrees that it will not use any decorative materials including, but not limited to crepe paper, cellophane, confetti, cotton, corn stalks, leaves, evergreen boughs, sheaves of grain, streamers, straw, hay or paper, vines, moss, coniferous foliage or similar flammable or combustible materials in or about said described facilities without prior approval of the local Fire Department and/or State Fire Marshall.

Rice, Birdseed, Confetti, Dance Wax (etc.)

Use of such materials is not permitted inside the building or on the grounds and will result in forfeiture of the entire damage deposit.

Additional Materials

Any additional equipment brought in by the renter must be pre-approved by the State Theatre (i.e., special electrical equipment, lights, lifts, platforms, open flame cooking appliances, ladders, etc.).

Please Note

The State Theatre reserves the right to change or cancel any part of a use agreement and related scheduled activity.

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