The State Theatre presents: Assisted Living: The Musical

Assisted Living: The Musical is a funny and fun one-act celebration of getting old!

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Somewhere nestled in all of our futures is a Pelican Roost: an active retirement community. Assisted Living: The Musical is a candid tour of this place. There, we meet Roosters and discover the personified eccentricities, desires, and foibles of modern maturity.

Through "Help, I've Fallen (for You) and I Can't Get Up,", "My Hide," and "The I-Lost-My-Denture-On-Steak-Night Blues," we see some gentle railing against the inevitable. But "The Uplifting Viagra Medley" celebrates in a dozen song clips every aspiration of this most wondrous of wonder drugs. In "The Tattoo on My Butt," we learn how one's past colors the future in ways never foreseen.

Characters include Naomi, the unsinkable, world-worn, oft-widowned resident Realtor who is frank to a fault ("Bedridden? I haven't been bedridden since Mr. Lipschitz passed away.". There's an aging TV lawyer who wants to sue someone -- anyone -- including himself. Ben Younger is a retired Catskills comedian who tries yoga, and there's a little old lady who'll bust her neighbor just to get a special apartment. Nick Dent, age 93, takes an unauthorized field trip in his Cadillac. In all, the two cast members and their pianist appear as 18 characters.

Assisted Living: The Musical tells the aging story from inside the process. The humor is pointed without mocking. The songs are evocative, clever and quick. Its unique approach to the aging experience is as welcome as an antacid after a bowl of five-alarm chili.

Assisted Living: The Musical is a show for all of us: for those who are of a certain age, for those who have friends and parents entering this phase, and for everyone who hopes to grow old with humor and dignity.

What the Critics Say:

"Audiences are laughing so hard, they cry." --Associated Press

"Lively and WICKEDLY FUNNY." --San Francisco Examiner online

"You'll die if you don't see this show." --San Jose Mercury News

"...a wonderful time." --BBC Radio

"A laugh-out-loud look at old age and growing gray disgracefully." --Naples Daily News

"A LAUGH RIOT! A show that will appeal to all ages. You'll laugh your head off." --KGO Radio

"JUST DELIGHTFUL! A feel good show with lots of laughs. Bring your mom and dad (walkers and all)." San Francisco Chronicle online

"I laughed, I cried, I almost died! OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY." --Rossmoor News

"Gently funny and touching on topics near and dear to baby boomers and their parents." --San Francisco Examiner

"If LAUGHS are what you like, Assisted Living: The Musical is the show for you!" --San Mateo Daily Journal

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