Friends of Celtic Culture presents:
The Founding Christmas Show

at The State Theatre

You've missed it! This event has come and gone. We're sorry you missed it, but don't forget to check out our full list of events to see what else is coming to the State soon.

You might also consider offering us some feedback if you'd like to see us bring "The Founding Christmas Show" back soon! We always appreciate your input.

This Kalamazoo band The Founding is quickly becoming a fixture in Southwest Michigan since their origin in early 2015. The six members of The Founding met while studying music at Western Michigan University and formed the band out of a mutual love for traditional and folk music. Their music combines the technicality of Western classicism with the rich folk music heritages of Ireland and Scotland and a progressive energy that appeals to audiences of all ages. They frequently perform at local and regional bars and festivals in addition to collaborating with studio producers, videographers, educational institutions, and pursuing various solo endeavors. Their music has also been featured on NPR affiliates WMUK Kalamazoo and WUTC Chattanooga, as well as Michigan Irish Music Café and The Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. Their discography includes To a City, Fair (2016) and Silhouettes Against the Soil (2016).”

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