Noon Optimist Travel and Adventure Series "Cubas Secret Side"

at The State Theatre

Sponsored by: Bay City Noon Optimists

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There’s a side of Cuba you’ve seen before, and a side that you have not. For years, Karin Muller has heard people arguing over Cuba. Some say it’s a tropical paradise, filled with healthy, happy people. Others – a police state where almost everyone is trying to escape.

So Karin decided to go there for three months – undercover – and find out the truth for herself. The answer was not what she expected – and it all started with the local pizza joint.

Amazingly, the Cuban people have fascinating personalities – funny, creative, patient, friendly, ingenious. Karin concludes that, no matter what the country’s politics or economics are – they are our neighbors. It’s been fifty years, isn’t it time we started talking again?

Karin Mueller

Karin Muller is a Swiss-born author, filmmaker, photographer and adventurer. An expert lecturer on Japan for National Geographic, she has been featured on NPR; produced the PBS special, “Hitchhiking Vietnam”; trekked 4,000 miles along the Inca Road from Quito, Ecuador, to Santiago, Chile; has lived in Japan with a pre-Buddhist cult; and completed a 1,300-kilometer pilgrimage while creating a documentary series and book with no camera crew or companions, traveling on foot with little money, but emerging profoundly changed.

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