Miss Paula and Miss Maggie Music

at Nickless Family Community Pavilion in Wenonah Park

Sponsored by: The State Theatre

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Clever and Quirky songs? Miss Paula and Maggie know how to write ‘em! From “Stand Right Up (Sit Back Down)” to “Simon Says” - these tunes embrace what it’s like to be a kid that knows how to follow rock-and-roll directions. No cleaning up your room with this band, it’s all about fun, fun, fun!!

Miss Paula and Maggie have been around for years, performing in her early years with Detroit faves The Roomates, Vertical Pillows and Motor Dolls. After having kids in the late 90’s - writing kids tunes was on her agenda. She formed the all-mom punk rockin’ kiddie tune “Candy Band” in 2002 and released 5 Albums and travelled around the Midwest for 12 years performing everywhere from Lollapallooza to NYC Kindiefest. They were even featured on the “Today Show”.

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