Bob and Carl Kids Music

at Wenonah Park

Sponsored by: The State Theatre
Wed Jul 18, 11:30a Free Will Donations Accepted and Appreciated $FREE

We met in fourth grade. I’ll never forget several things that year. My teacher; a classroom tough guy; and being the only person in my grade to get a perfect score on a test. (Never mind that the test was on musical notes). Oh, and the guy who had one wrong . . . my new best friend, Carl Zimmerman. Forget the fact that he would beat me unmercifully in every other test for the rest of our lives. I was 1 – 0, after the first one!

We both attended Clinton Valley Elementary School, a kid from the country and a kid from the city. From different sides of the tracks, but somehow able to share a common love for music. The very next year, we would both become members of the school band; Carl playing trombone, and I playing cornet. Our musical journey was about to begin in earnest. Sometime during high school, we worked together at the Mt. Clemens YMCA, as locker room attendants. With hours and hours to kill, it was the perfect place to learn new instruments. An older member of the YMCA also played in his own band, and eventually recruited us to play as his horn section. The band was called Superman, and the leader was Gary Lynn Miller. When other band members failed to show for practice, we gained more playing time, but eventually learned that playing horns could never really compete with guitar amps turned up to ten. It was either join in or quit. So . . . we joined. Carl on keyboards, and I playing bass guitar.

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