"A musical tribute to The Highwaymen”

at Wenonah Park

Sponsored by: The State Theatre

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"A musical tribute to The Highwaymen”

Featuring the vocal stylings and excellent guitar work of Guy Melanson as Willie Nelson, and the world's number 1 Waylon Jennings impersonator Bob Gill and the nation's leading Johnny Cash impersonator Rock Harley..Dont forget to check out this fabulous show at your earliest opportunity in or near your town. For country music fans everywhere.

Saw your show in Brockville Ontario last night and all I can say-If you like the original "Highwaymen" you have to see these guys. I thought Waylon was the real deal and Johnny and Willie were also decent. This was like stepping back in time to see these Superstars. I will see this show again. Thank you Waylon, Willie and Johnny for a great show. This is a go A plus all the way.

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