Double Feature Sunday by

at The State Theatre

Sun Feb 25, 1:00p General Admission $7 Buy Tickets
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Buy, Sell and Trade Shown at 1:00 pm

Carl owes the bank 5000.00 dollars before the end of the day to save his store. Him and his two friends think that Farblade 2 a huge video game that's about come out might do just that, but when the game is cancelled all hope is lost. Carl and his two friends try to piece together the money as they try to navigate customers and an old man who collects dolls.

DARKLING Shown at 2:30 pm

After experiencing a personal tragedy, Henry is left all alone in a swirling vortex of darkness.
Void of any direction. As the grief of his best friend's murder takes hold on him, Henry can't help but spread the darkness to others.
His mind is no longer working right and his life is becoming a waking nightmare.
It's a long fall straight to hell. Will Henry survive?

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