Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Fan Film, "Indiana Jones and the Aegis of Athena"

at The State Theatre

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones, famed adventurer and archaeologist acquires a diary that holds clues and a map with no names to find the mysterious Holy Grail- which was sent from his father, Dr. Henry Jones, in Italy. Upon hearing from a private collector, Walter Donavan, that the mission for the Holy Grail went astray with the disappearance of his father, Indiana Jones and museum curator Marcus Brody venture to Italy in search of Indy's father. However, upon retrieving Dr. Henry Jones in Nazi territory, the rescue mission turns into a race to find the Holy Grail before the Nazis do- who plan to use it for complete world domination for their super-race. With the diary as a vital key and the map with no names as a guide, Indiana Jones once again finds himself in another death defying adventure of pure excitement.

Indiana Jones and the Aegis of Athena

Set in 1952 famed archaeologist Indiana Jones and new museum curator Elizabeth Winters go on the hunt for the mythical Aegis of Athena after a journal by explorer Juan De Fuca is stolen from the museum. A great adventure with many twists and turns along the way!

Cast: Indiana Jones - Jordan Timm Elizabeth Winters - Jessica Klosowski Gunther Ferrer - Matt Chrobak Henchman #1 - Mark Bruff Henchman #2 - Elzie Dixon Barber - Alex Williams Archaelogy Society President - Dave Schultz ASP's 3rd Wife - Alicia Gwizdalla - Batch Greeter #1 - Alayna VanWert Greeter #2 - Lexie Gehrman Server #1 - Krystn Anthony Server #2 - Monica Anthony Gunther's Date #1 - Michelle Gehrman Gunther's Date #2 - Kristie Ellison Security Guard - Ryan Tovey Extras - Jessica Gwizdalla, Jeremy Gwizdalla, Michelle Stewart, Joe Stewart, Cassie Williams, Alex Williams, Kacia Todd, John Todd, Ashton Tacey, Matt Kowalski, Marcie Cervantes - Kennedy, Kyle Kennedy, Sydney Scheel, Nester Simmons, Justine Miller and James Spiker

Written by - Jordan Timm Directed by - Thomas Cole

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