at The State Theatre

You've missed it! This event has come and gone. We're sorry you missed it, but don't forget to check out our full list of events to see what else is coming to the State soon.

You might also consider offering us some feedback if you'd like to see us bring "LOCKED AWAY - THE FINAL CUT" back soon! We always appreciate your input.

Locked Away – The Final Cut: Cast & Crew Reunion. Start with retro horror film techniques, mix 2 parts Night of the Living Dead, 1 part Phantasm, & 1 dysfunctional family and you get Locked Away. The film, almost lost to the Hollywood machine, is now restored in a new fast-paced cut with improved audio, video and a few new surprises. Come see the premiere of the final cut of Locked Away in advance of its long-awaited national release, ending with a special cast and crew reunion Q&A.

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