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Selling Stupid is a comedy film. It is the story of two girls, Evie and Sloane who work in an advertising office in Bay City, Michigan. Up until recently they were working for a married couple, Ed and Shirley Duval. When they got a divorce, their sexist idiot son Eddie took over the office and he doesn't treat the girls very well. Eddie decides to put the girls in a competition with the two not-so-honest guys in the office and gives them a week to do a new campaign. The campaign happens to be for a new video game by the famous video game designer Maxamillion Barker. The girls know nothing about video games so they don't know where to begin. They visit Shirley and get her advice. She sets them on their way to find out why people love video games assuring them that when they do, the campaign will be easy! The girls then go off and meet all kinds of crazy people and learn a lot about believing in themselves in the process.

The film was shot entirely in Mid-Michigan with a cast and crew who came from all over the U.S to be a part of it. It has an original theme song featuring grammy award winning talent.

Because of it's feminist theme, as well as the video game theme running throughout, the film appeals to a wide audience of all ages. Though not officially rated at this time, I believe it would warrant a PG-13. There are three slightly sexually suggestive parts, approx. 5 swear words and a very mildly violent scene. There is also drinking and the implying of someone using roofies.

Selling Stupid is 1 hour and 33 minutes long and was shot by the very talented cinematographer Rick Moreau.

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