Hells Half Mile Film Series presents:

at The State Theatre

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Join us for a block of great comedy SHORT FILMS and help us end this season's film series with lots of laughs!

Rita Mahtoubian Is Not A Terrorist

8 minutes

In this satirical comedy about romance, terrorism, and trying to be a better person, Iranian-born Rita Mahtoubian is inspired to change her life after a neighbor’s Rosh Hashanah dinner ignites a spark of inspiration. Her mission to make big changes attracts the attention of an overly-invested Homeland Security agent (Patrick Fugit of "Almost Famous" and the Cinemax series "Outcast").


11 minutes

James and Erica are two single thirty-somethings who met online and are looking for the same thing - an honest and real relationship. Or are they? When Erica introduces a consumer-grade polygraph called a "Bullshit Detector" to their first date, the hopeful couple finds that their intentions aren't as authentic as they themselves even thought.

That’s Not Mine

4 minutes

A teen is interrogated by his parents about a bag of pot found in the house, only to realize that it belongs to his father.

The Bathroom

10 minutes

When a juvenile prank leaves freshly divorced Valerie locked in the bathroom with over-eager teenager Andrew, her moment of tranquility quickly turns into a clumsy mess.

Best Man

5 minutes

Donald is engaged and wants Patrick to be his best man. However, when Patrick is asked to go beyond the call of duty he starts to question Donald's sanity.

Grandma's Not A Toaster!

10 minutes

Susannah, a mother-to-be with quite the drinking problem, has her eye on the prize and hopes to snag Grandma's fortune with the help of her brother Arnie. But when their younger brother Eddie comes into the picture things get complicated. However, don't count Grandma out just yet - she's going to protect what's hers. From the filmmaking team that made the Oscar Winning short film 'Curfew', comes 'Grandma's Not A Toaster!"


5 minutes

Two best friends are taken on an adventure by the Metro PCS version of Siri.

The Perfect Day

12 minutes

It's the most important day in David's life. He has a $10.000.000 deal with a Japanese Holding and it's all or nothing today. Everything seems to turn out perfectly well, until.

Forget Me Not

10 minutes

Keeping a relationship is difficult. Especially when one of you doesn't remember having it.

Shy Guys

9 minutes

Strangers (Tony winner Reed Birney and Blake DeLong) bravely confront and resolve one of the most terrifying and perplexing scourges to ever afflict mankind...while standing at urinals with their willies out.

Note: some language and content may not be appropriate for those under 18 years old.

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