The State Theatre presents:
Michael Robertson and the Broken Hearted Saviors wsg Leland Blue

at The State Theatre

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Michael Robertson & the Broken Hearted Saviors

From the first notes of Michael Robertson’s debut CD, it’s clear that the singer / guitarist is a skilled storyteller. The Michigan native has a knack for recognizing irony when exploring the nuances of unremarkable ¬– yet universal – life experience. Robertson crafts songs that blend modern Americana with country and rock flavors, and his vocals go down smooth, with a tinge of world-weariness that fits the lyrics. While he’s a fiercely talented musician, his instincts favor measured restraint over brazen flash.

You’ve likely seen Robertson onstage over the years. He spent a decade with Maybe August after spending a decade as half of the Michael Scott Band (with brother Scott). Following the release of “All My Stories”, Robertson put together the Broken Hearted Saviors to perform songs from the CD and songs he’s written over the years. The line up is a who’s who of some of the best musicians in Michigan including Scott Van Dell, Rosco Selley, Donny Brown, Honesty Elliott, Mike Thomas and Joe Clark. The band took awards for Best Folk Band or Duo as well as Best Country Musician for Michael at the 2017 Review Music Awards.

Summing up his musical journey, Robertson says, “I’ve had the great fortune to belong to a community of friends and musicians who have helped me move in the direction I was supposed to go rather than the direction I thought I was going.”

If you ever needed an excuse to hop in the car and take off on the open road with no particular place to go, “All My Stories” will get you there, offering a display of roadside attractions of the human condition for you to absorb along the way.

Leland Blue

The band and music inspired by the very same stone out of the Great Lake of Michigan and their youthful experiences gallivanting all over the state. Their music celebrates freedom, the outdoors, love, loss and life with a fresh collaborative and lighthearted sound. Two brothers, a cousin and friend found each other inspired as the offspring of veteran musicians in Michigan . In February of 2017, brothers Ben (18) and Connor Robertson (17) worked with cousin Satchel Robertson (19) in founding Leland Blue. Ben singing lead vocals and playing guitar, Connor on the drums, and Satchel controlling the low end made for a solid footing. Elliott Miller (22) became the newest member in March of 2017, adding another guitar in to mix strengthening their songs. The band has released two successful singles “Cold Comfort” and “Sofia” so far.

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